Build your professional personal brand in a way that’s strategic, sustainable and respectful: grow your influence, create more impact

School of Influence is a 10-week online cohort-based learning experience starting week commencing Aug 30


Most vision-led entrepreneurs struggle with getting their head clear on what content to create, and where to start with raising their profile.

I’ve created School of Influence to help you build industry recognition and grow your reputation as the go-to expert or thought leader in your field … in a respectful way.

When you develop genuine credibility and influence, you will create greater impact in the marketplace.

- Trevor Young aka The PR Warrior


We live in a world where virtually anybody can create content, become their own media channel, get attention, build an audience, and profit from the personal brand they build.

There is an abundance of easy-to-use technology to help us on our content journey. Plus, we have at our fingertips, myriad social networks and other digital channels to help us reach and connect with our desired target audience.

This scenario provides leaders, entrepreneurs and professional experts with some amazing opportunities to build their personal brand as well as their business (or the cause or issue they champion). But it also throws up its own set of challenges!

As the barriers to entry fall, the flood of ‘wannabe’ thought leaders pours in. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of people passing themselves off as ‘experts’, ‘gurus’ and ‘thought leaders’ when they’re anything but. They might package themselves well, but scratch beneath the surface and you probably won’t find much substance. Welcome to your competition!

Another key challenge centres on the tech: with so many apps, tools and channels, so many opportunities to get our story and our message out there … WHERE THE HECK DO WE START?

Things can get really confusing, really quickly!

What often happens is that you can invest a lot of time or money for little result; you become overwhelmed, frustration sets in, and you end up walking away from the huge opportunities in front of you. Or worse, inertia rears its head and you don’t even get off the starting blocks.

Meanwhile, others burst forth with great enthusiasm, only to end up sending out mixed messages that confuse the marketplace and muddy their brand.

PR Warrior’s School of Influence has been established to tackle these challenges head on, to help credible leaders and experts like you ‘plant a flag in the ground’ – to rise above the pack of ‘wannabes’.  NEXT INTAKE KICKS OFF WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2022

Insight & evidence

"What I love about Trevor’s teaching style is how he can share what we all need to think about and apply, but also do it by continually sharing the proof. From a household name to the individual content creator making their mark on the world, Trevor’s insight and evidence is far reaching and puts it all into a real world context."



Support & accountability

“Trevor has worked closely with me on my personal brand for several years now. His strategic input is fantastic, as is his support and accountability in helping me to execute every day and week, from the content we produce, through to our social media efforts and the packaging of my brand in the form of products and services.”




---> Bottom line:

You understand the benefits that come with being a seen as a genuine leader and expert in your field, but for whatever reason you’re struggling to articulate and communicate that fact effectively, and it’s affecting the potential of your business (or career).


I’ve worked with literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders and experts over the journey, across many different industries, and a common factor I see time and time again – particularly in today’s social media age - is people’s confusion and frustration around how, and where, to start building their thought leader brand. This is, for many people, the biggest stumbling block to progress, momentum and ultimately, success.


Whether it’s media relations and publicity, or earned media as it’s known (“who do I approach with my story – what is my story?”) – social media (“which channels should I be on, and how can I use social media more effectively?”) – or content creation and distribution via one’s owned media channels (“what do I create content about? How can I create content without it taking up too much time? Should I blog? Make videos? Do a podcast? What about email marketing?”) ... there is so much to take in!


No doubt you’ve been confronted by slick online marketing ’gurus’ flogging quick-hit blueprints and formulas which, they claim, will earn you 6-7 figures in no time. Ugh! These so-called gurus will tell you there’s one pathway to success, just hand over your cash and they’ll tell you what it is.


Well, I’m here to tell you there’s not one cookie-cutter approach that’s going to work for everyone: building your profile and earning personal brand influence in a genuine way is not a black-and-white situation. People have different skills, strengths, goals and personality traits. Their purpose and mission in life is going to be different to the next person. Elements of the planning process may be similar, but the reality is, the way we get to a tailored program we can execute with passion and authority is going to be different for everyone.

That’s why I’ve set up PR Warrior’s School of Influence: to guide like-minded business owners and leaders who are keen to elevate their personal brand in a strategic and professional way, as well as build public recognition for their thoughts and ideas, their insights and expertise.

At the School of Influence, we teach and support leaders, entrepreneurs and professional experts to become credible, thought-leading voices in their industry.

Our signature product is a 10-week hybrid (DIY + live) program, consisting of self-paced learning plus regular live calls (Zoom Q&A sessions with all participants) plus personal one-on-one coaching.

It’s designed to take like-minded participants from “invisible and confused” to building a foundation from which they can become more known, liked and trusted, front of mind with their audience, and talked about in a positive way.

We understand and acknowledge that people today are super-busy; they have families and social lives in addition to their day-to-day job, and quite often, they are running their own businesses as well. Therefore it’s our intention to provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace, while at the same time including an element of group participation so that everyone can meet (and learn from) others in the cohort.


School of Influence is a 10-week online cohort-based learning experience. THINK: a mix of DIY and face-to-face. It runs for 10 weeks, and personal interaction and participation is encouraged.

The outcome we seek? To help credible entrepreneurs, leaders and professional experts build the foundations for their personal brand communications, to become confident in stepping into the virtual limelight to share their knowledge, stories, ideas and insights.

How it works:


You will receive each week for 10 weeks one module of course content, a total of 10 modules (see below) that cover the key elements of packaging and communicating your professional value: in other words, the expertise, experience and, critically, the wisdom you’ve built up over the years.

The curriculum involves getting the foundations right in the first place for your professional personal brand. Then we move on to owned media (“becoming your own media channel”), earned media (“increasing your reach and credibility”), social media (“building human connection and influence”) and finally, we pull all the elements together so you can get a clear picture of what’s required to build momentum in the marketplace.

The content is video based (each module is made up of four videos, which you can work through at your own pace). Plus there will be accompanying downloadable checklists, templates and planning sheets - everything you’ll need to get you thinking in the right direction and, most of all, taking action!

FORTNIGHTLY LIVE Q&A ZOOM CALLS (60-90 mins duration)

We will also hold live Q&A sessions per fortnight throughout the 10-week period, with two calls scheduled on the one day (12 noon and 5 pm) to provide participants with flexibility as to when they attend. 

These sessions will be led personally by Trevor Young. They will be informal, with participants able to ask questions, share ideas with others, and gain feedback from the group on challenges they may be facing.

While students are encouraged to attend these live Zoom sessions, it’s not compulsory 🙂 But … if you’re big on participation, you’re more than welcome to attend both Zooms in the one day!


Included in the program is a 45-minute one-on-one personal coaching session with Trevor. You are free to book this session whenever it suits you during the course of the 10-week program.



School of Influence is aimed at credible professionals who have the runs on the board and heaps of knowledge and expertise to share. Participants have previously come from the following industries:

  • * Health and wellness
  • * Digital marketing (incl. SEO/SEM and Facebook advertising specialists)
  • * Financial services
  • * Marketing, advertising and communications 
  • * Online business management & systems design
  • * Leadership coaching



  "Through Trevor's depth of knowledge and down to earth approach, The School of Influence offers just the      right mix of education, discussion and case studies to give anyone interested in establishing or amplifying    their reputation the tools and motivation to do so. A worthwhile investment!" 

  "Trevor Young’s School of Influence program was fantastic. He clearly knows his stuff! Trevor delivered each    week of the course with authenticity and depth of knowledge. Each week we learnt new strategies that            were realistic and doable (even for a busy business owner or career person). I would recommend this            course to anyone wanting to get out there authentically! Thanks so much Trevor for your time and passion."

  "We all have a story. A point of view. A belief and a conviction related to what it is we do… Yet, the ability to      shape and tell a story, to take others on the journey in a curated and professional setting requires                  guidance, knowledge sharing and direction. Trevor has unlocked a framework to curate diverse forms of        content - it’s been a great journey, and the best is yet to come! Brilliant program, thanks all…"

Strategy Planning: Getting the foundations right

MODULE #1: THEME - Opportunity

Introduction to the program; we look at what’s involved in building a thought leader brand, and unpack the opportunities and challenges involved. PLUS we recap your ‘Moat of Uniqueness’ (preparatory work), and articulate your business and personal brand goals 

MODULE #2: THEME - Clarity

What does success look like? We recap our goals and then ‘get in the trenches’ to dissect examples of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have a strong positioning in the marketplace. PLUS we identify your 'Spheres of Conversation’: what do you want to be known for? What are your reputational 'flags in the ground'?And who is our audience?

Owned Media: Becoming your own media channel

MODULE #3: THEME - Control

Spheres of Conversation group discussion; owned media landscape - blogging, podcasting, live streaming and online video, creating premium signature content, growing your email list etc - unpacking the pros and cons of each. PLUS channel planning - if you had to pick one channel to focus on, what would it be?

MODULE #4: THEME - Focus

Channel planning group discussion; owned media inspiration – dissecting who’s doing well in building their audience, and growing their profile and reputation. PLUS planning our content themes and building out the bones of our editorial calendar.

Earned Media: Increasing your reach and credibility

MODULE #5: THEME - Scale

Content planning group discussion; earned media landscape - including media and influencer relations, unpacking the pros and cons of each, and how you can make these activities work for you and your brand. PLUS earned media channel planning: identifying which media outlets are right for you.

MODULE #6: THEME - Story

Earned media channels planning group discussion; earned media inspiration – dissecting who’s using media and influencers effectively to extend the reach of their voice. PLUS developing potential story angles and pitch ideas for the media, podcasters etc.

Social Media: Building human connection and influence

MODULE #7: THEME - Community

Media story ideas group discussion; social media landscape - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube - unpacking the pros and cons of each. PLUS which social channels should we be focusing on?

MODULE #8: THEME - Value

Group discussion around social channel selection; social media inspiration – dissecting who’s using social media effectively to grow their audience and connect with people. PLUS identifying and planning your ‘social buckets’ and the types of content you’ll be posting on social media.

Momentum: Pulling it all together

MODULE #9: THEME - Integration

Social content ideas group discussion; propelling your personal brand – how to integrate owned, earned and social media for maximum impact. PLUS content repurposing: provide an example of how this might work in your business.

MODULE #10: THEME - Commercialisation

GRADUATION NIGHT! Content repurposing group discussion; extract the value from your voice – a look at how genuine thought leaders are commercialising their professional personal brand. PLUS 3 steps to build momentum.

PLUS ...
Extra goodies

1. Download presentations

Each Zoom session will be recorded and the video uploaded to Google Drive, available for download by participants, along with notes and checklists.

2. Private Slack group

Slack is a hugely popular real-time team messaging app for both mobile and desktop. Join other participants in a private Slack channel to continue the conversation in between Zoom sessions. Got a question or an observation, or something to share? Ping the group in Slack, and let's all get involved!

Second to none

"Trevor connects the dots much faster than most. His ability to spot subtle shifts in human behaviour and connect this to how it will change the way we communicate is second to none."


University of Melbourne

Incredibly generous

"I've always admired the content Trevor Young produces and the strategy behind his content and social media marketing. He is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and I definitely consider him a mentor."


Aquent Australia

---> Expected outcomes:

Inspired to take action in building your thought leader brand in the marketplace
Clarity around what you stand for - your reputational 'flags in the ground'
An understanding of how owned, earned and social media fit together for maximum impact
Greater understanding of how to develop and create thought leader content
Greater understanding of how to strategically use social media to support your goals
Greater understanding of how to develop a story for the media and pitch journalists with confidence
A strategic (yet practical) thought leadership plan tailored to your unique goals and circumstances
A sense of confidence in moving forward and taking action to build your profile and sphere of influence
A foundation from which to build your professional brand in a way that's strategic, sustainable & respectful


Following are some questions you might have about the program. If you have a question that's not here, please feel free to reach out to Trevor here.

How long does the program run for?

In theory, it runs for 10 weeks. Plus there is some pre-preparation, so allow a week for that. The course content drops out weekly for the 10 weeks, but it's self-paced learning so you can take your time if you're overloaded with family and work commitments. The fortnightly live Zoom Q&A sessions also take place within the same 10-week period.

What if I can't attend the fortnightly Zoom sessions?

We won't be recording the fortnightly Zoom sessions, so ideally, you can swing by at least a few of them to get to know your fellow students and ask questions and get ideas. To help ensure people can get along to the Zoom calls, we've scheduled two different sessions each fortnight: at 12 noon and 5 pm on the same day.

Do I have to do any work between the fortnightly Zoom Q&A sessions?

Ideally, yes - momentum is a wonderful thing! The course. is geared towards giving people a path forward so they can then take action with confidence.

The Zoom sessions complement the actual course itself. It's not compulsory to attend, but it's recommended you work your way through the program as the content is dripped out (one module per week) and then get to a few of the sessions to clarify any questions you might have.

What if I run out of time and fall behind?

The course materials will be available online for a full 12 months (you can also download them so you have access to all videos and supplementary materials indefinitely).

How much does the program cost, and do you have a payment plan?

The cost of the program will be $397. Please note, this is the price for this intake only, as it's the beta program. I envisage that subsequent programs will be, at the very least, double that amount.

Is there a trial period?

No trial period, but if you find that after two weeks the program is not right for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked 🙂

What time will the Zoom sessions be?

They're going to be on Wednesdays (on a fortnightly basis for the duration of the 10 weeks) - we are going to hold two sessions on those days which hopefully will enable more people to get along: session times will be 12 noon and 5 pm, and are scheduled to run for 60 minutes.

Do I need to participate in the Slack private channel?

No, it's not compulsory, but I think you'll find it to be beneficial. Experience tells us a good chunk of value participating in such programs comes with interacting with others, people of like-mind who are perhaps facing similar challenges and are on a learning curve and are willing to share their ideas and results.

What do you mean by a 'hybrid live and DIY program'?

The 'live' part pertains to our weekly hour-long Zoom sessions, where we all come together to learn and ask questions. The DIY part refers to the exercises that participants are expected to do in between Zoom sessions, in order to lay the foundations for building a personal brand that's known, liked, trusted, top of mind and talked about in a positive way in the marketplace.

What do you mean by 'beta intake'?

This is the first time I'm running this group coaching program. It's based on years of experience, and has been in development for quite some time, with elements road-tested with clients from many different industries. I'll be taking feedback as we go in order to fine-tune and improve things as I go, just like an app or piece of software that's in public beta. For this reason, I've slashed the price of the program. But make no mistake, this program as been well thought-out and packaged 🙂


We're excited to help you build your professional profile and influence in a way that's strategic, sustainable and respectful. Let's do this!

The timer has expired!

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$397 AUD

* GST applies to Australian residents

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$440 AUD

* GST applies to Australian residents


Unsure if School of Influence is right for you? Easy, let's jump on a Zoom call for a quick no-obligation chat to discuss further. Book a free 15-minute slot with Trevor below!

PR Warrior's School of Influence is a 10-week online cohort-based learning experience starting week commencing August 30, 2021.  

Any questions or queries, please contact Trevor - ty@trevoryoung.me

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